When in 1934 Argyris Doxakis was inspired by his place of origin in
Istanbul and decided to follow his passion for pastry
and make sweets and ice creams nothing revealed their future
Reach. He opened his first pastry and ice cream workshop based in
Kavala. And the name of this Eskim. The first Eskim store in Athens
settled in the west of the city in 1977, offering a wide range of
traditional but also original flavors of ice creams and sweets, with the quality
Eskim immediately become dear, while in 1997 the Doxaki family founded the
standard craft of ice cream and pastry Eskim in the region of
Today, Eskim is one of the most modern ice cream production plants and
sweet in our country, with a prescription that literally mutates
‘grandfather-to-grandfather’, but at the same time evolves to keep interest
our thriving and sharpened.
Eskimo offers you a huge range of sweets and ice creams, which
includes classic and traditional and modern flavors
gourmets aimed at initiated pastry lovers. Traditional
andiaki politiko, delicious parfait, delicious cheesecakes and refreshing
Sorbet give a little idea of the huge range of Eskim flavors. Sweets of
baking pan, fresh MOUSSE and flavouring cakes open the
appetite for dessert. And all this with the freshness and deliciousness that a
homemade ice cream or dessert. Just excellent…
Our sweets and ice creams are prepared with the purest ingredients and 100% Greek
fresh milk, without preservatives or flavour enhancers. In professional
packages of 5lt (bulk) but also particularly attractive individual packages
sweets in bowls that arrive in your stores through the organized network
distribution of ESKIMO with privately owned refrigerated trucks. ESKIMO ice creams are the
practical proof that taste can coexist with quality as they carry
ISO 22000:2005 certification. Traditional sweets but also modern flavors
complement Eskim’s palette! Based on tradition and the look on the
in the future, we offer you sweets that are difficult to distinguish from homemade!

Our Logo over the Years